Domestic Violence

Fight Back When You've Been Charged With Domestic Violence

Enlist the services of the Law Office of Attorney Scott A. Lutes in Providence, RI

Being accused of domestic violence can take an incredible toll on you and your family. Let the Law Office of Attorney Scott A. Lutes help you through this difficult time. I can represent you in court and fight to protect your rights. I'll examine the details surrounding your case and determine the best approach to reduce your current charges. I will do everything in my power to secure the most positive outcome for your case.

When you've been charged with domestic violence, call me immediately at the Law Office of Attorney Scott A. Lutes. I'm here to help you.

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Work with a domestic violence lawyer in Providence, RI

The Law Office of Attorney Scott A. Lutes will be there for you when you're dealing with troubling domestic violence charges. I can assist with offenses of all types. Domestic violence charges a can happen to anyone, even if no body whats to press a charge. Police may charge you based upon their determination or the word of the neighbor. They're serious consequence to these charges, including imposition of no contact orders between you and your loved ones. You may be required to attend 6 months of counseling and you will not be able to possess of fire arm. In order to present your best possible defense, I will thoroughly interview you to personalize your situation to the prosecutor and judge. I will investigate all possible defenses. I will help you determine whether a disposition outside of the court system is possible. I'll advise you on the legal process and prepare you for your day in court. Contact the Law Office of Attorney Scott A. Lutes today for a consultation.